AM 29
AM 29
AM 29

AM 29

$ 1,200.00

*With all the nice weather showing up, we burned throug our inventory and are currently taking back-orders. If you place an order, you will be looking at about a five week delivery delay from your order date, as we wait for our stock to roll in!

For those of you who like to ride everything but get a bit more rambunctious on the way down, our AM line is the ideal setup for you!

Our AM 29 will give you the confidence to take the 'A' line on your next ride. The larger wheel diameter allows you to carry momentum, and roll over obstacles more efficiently than smaller wheels. Combine that with the precision handling that carbon provides and you've got the makings of quite an amazing setup!

  • Weighing a mere 1,595 grams, this set will keep you energized for your long, epic rides.
  • With most all-around trail tires coming in at 2.4-2.6" now, the wider 28 mm internal rim is a perfect match to give you the optimal volume.
  • Our rims are hookless which helps increase impact resistance in those rare cases when you take the wrong line over that square edged rock.
  • Tubeless, right out of the box, complete with valve stems pre-installed! Mount your tubeless-ready tires, add sealant, inflate and then go ride!

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