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Dryve the Divide - Matt's 2016 Tour Divide

When you meet Matt Goodwin, you immediately find yourself with a big smile plastered across your face. His high-energy enthusiasm and love of adventure makes for some pretty awesome stories from this guy. After six months of living in a van, while biking all over North America, Matt focused his adventurous spirit towards the bike itself.

After conquering his most recent challenge, known as 'Everesting' (INFO), Matt wanted to take it a step further in his quest for excitement.

Enter the Tour Divide.

Taking place on the longest off-pavement cycling route in the world, the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route starts in Banff, AB, Canada criss-crossing the Continental Divide all the way down to Antelope Wells, NM, USA, covering approximately 2,700 miles and climbing 165,000 vertical feet. During the entire 2-3 weeks that this race takes to complete, he will be completely self-supported, carrying everything he'll need on his bike, complimented by some strategic stops along the way to fill up on food and water.

Here at Dryve Wheels, we've been enthralled at watching this story begin to unfold and wanted to give Matt's friends, family and newfound groupies (yes, that's us) a hub where we can watch all the twists and turns that will take place as he tackles the Great Divide!


Day 1 06-10-2016: Matt has reached Elkford, BC, Canada. He posted a message from Spot saying "Giddy up". He has gone 103.6 miles.

Day 2 06-11-2016: Matt crushed it today, putting in 135 miles to reach 238 miles total! He's only 16 miles from being able to say 'Merica!!

Day 3 06-12-2016: Just got a call from Matt!! He's in Whitefish, MT, shredded the heck out of his tire, but he's at a shop and getting a new one! He's definitely tired, but in good spirits and having lots of fun! *End of day update: Matt is still chugging along, it's 1:00am MDT, where he just passed mile 376! Wow!

Day 4 06-13-2016: Another solid day in the saddle for Matt, pushing out just under 127 miles to put his total mileage to 502.9! Looks like he's burning the midnight oil again, but he's resting for the evening in Seeley Lake, MT! Keep it up Matt!

Day 5 06-14-2016: Today had a bit more climbing, slowing the pace, with 4 climbs over the 99 miles Matt pedaled. A solid day though, as he moved up the ranks to 33rd place overall!! Total mileage after today is 601.9

Day 6 06-15-2016: Matt keeps moving up and up! Sitting in 30th place with the next 5 riders within a mile of him, dang! After another big day in the saddle, he's now ridden 708.8 miles, staying the evening in the town of Butte, Montana. Sweet!

Day 7 06-16-2016: The rain came down late yesterday, soaking Matt to the bone. Luckily he was near a town so he got a room and was able to get all dried out after having to ride his way through a cattle drive!

Day 8 06-17-2016: Rolling near the Montana/Idaho border today, Matt got to stop at a lodge along the course where the owners track Tour riders and offer up food and a dry place to stay. The goal is to hit the Sawtelle Resort at some point tomorrow! Matt checked in and is still going strong!

Days 9 to 12 06-18-21-2016: Matt had some tougher sections of thick gravel and headwind but is still making good progress through a touch of Idaho and the majority of Wyoming!

Days 10 & 11 06-22 & 23-2016: The first big hit of bad luck has happened to Matt. He thinks he ingested some bad water, that has given him super bad cramps. He was in touch with us and he was able to hitchhike away from the course (totally legal for the race) back to a town where he is currently recovering. Send Matt your good thoughts so he can pass this bug and get back to crushing it!!

Days 11 06-24-2016: The sad news has hit, Matt is retiring from the race after yet another day of battling stomach cramps. He checked in mid-day to let us know he was headed to Urgent Care to try and sort out the issue. We'll keep you posted!

Day 12 06-25-2016: Matt got some antibiotics and is waiting for the stomach pain to subside before heading back home to Central Oregon.

Final Update 06-28-2016: We are so proud of Matt on this incredible challenge. Today he posted this final update before heading back home: "Hey everyone! I had to drop out of the race. I drank some bad water. I treated it, but must have not waited long enough for the bacteria to be killed. Whatever it was had me bed-ridden and in serious pain for 3 days. The lost time and money made it impossible to continue. I'm pretty bummed out, but at the same time I'm still really excited about how awesome it was. I met so many interesting people from all walks of life who share a unique common interest. I saw some incredibly beautiful places I would otherwise have never explored. I also challenged myself in a way I never have before. So worth it. To everyone who helped me show up at the start line, thank you so much. Best of luck to all my friends out there still pedaling!"

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