The U Collection

Equally adept both on the road and off, our U Collection combines the benefits of lightweight, stiff and aerodynamic into one beautiful package!

The carbon composite (fiber) construction of our rims allows them to have an optimal shape to slice through wind resistance while still staying extremely light and stiff. Wheel stiffness affects two important riding aspects - handling and power transfer. Handling with a stiffer wheel is more predictable and precise, with your steering inputs being immediately translated to action. Those painful watts you put into the pedals are more efficiently translated to forward momentum compared to a softer wheel that wastes your energy as flex.

To complete these wheels, we only use DT Swiss components, renowned for their durable and precise construction, allowing us to build you an incredible wheelset that will handle all your riding, training and racing adventures.

Available in multiple depths and brake options to suit your every need, the U Collection will blow you away!