XC 29
XC 29
XC 29

XC 29

$ 1,200.00

*We blew through our inventory and are currently taking back-orders. If you place an order, you will be looking at about a five week delivery delay from your order date, as we wait for our replacement stock to roll in!

If squeezing every last watt out of your legs to fly up the climb so you can then do your best Star Wars Speeder Bike impression of weaving through trees down the trail is your priority, then our XC line is for you!

The XC 29 model provides the benefits of 29" wheels - maintained momentum, better stability, larger contact patch so your tire can truly bite into the dirt and the ability to roll over obstacles like rocks, roots, fellow riders or whatever else is in your way!

  • This wheelset weighs in at a svelte 1490 grams, which includes rim tape and the valve stems.
  • A 23 mm internal rim width offers the optimal width for the lower-volume tires (2.0-2.2") typically found on XC race rigs.
  • Our rims are hookless which helps increase impact resistance in those rare cases when you take the wrong line over that square edged rock.
  • Tubeless, right out of the box, complete with valve stems pre-installed! Mount your tubeless-ready tires, add sealant, inflate and then go ride!

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