Thriving on trails of all types, our Dirt Collection offers wheels to get you riding faster than ever, tackle the gnarliest terrain or a nice mixture of both!

Our lightweight carbon rims shed precious grams while also offering much improved stiffness over their alloy counterparts. Less rotational weight means the wheels will spin up faster out of every corner or technical section and your overall energy expenditure is better utilized for speed than trying to keep some heavy wheels moving. The increased stiffness provides precision handling, your bike will become an extension of yourself, allowing you to hit the perfect line, every time. They also makes sure that every ounce of power you push to them translates into momentum and speed.

We paired these awesome rims with DT Swiss components, for their consistent, high-quality construction, as well as an unmatched durability, crucial for all the dirt and grime that gets thrown at a mountain wheelset.

Hand assembled, Dryve Wheels give you an outstanding wheelset that will save you weight, improve handling and still be durable enough to take on whatever terrain you throw at them!