I took the cross rig out this past Friday to go explore some gravel tucked away between Gray Butte and Hwy 97 as it works its way north through Central Oregon to Madras, and I'm pretty sure I finally beat my record of high-heat riding!

On my way north, I rode across the old Crooked River Gorge bridge, where you can leap off it with a big rubber band attached to your feet! That's right, bungee jumping is up and going. It's pretty funny because a couple years ago I was talking with someone about how it would be such an epic place to bungee jump and that I should get something together. Well, I know NOTHING about bungee jumping, so it's probably better I never got around to doing it. Especially because I wouldn't be here forming a wheel company to get you decked out with awesome wheels!

As I rode north, the temperature slowly began to rise from a modest 101 degrees toward the 105 degree mark. I was thankful I brought three bottles but those weren't even enough. About halfway in I searched around Haystack Reservoir until I found some pretty delicious water to top off for the ride home. This was a very wise decision as the temperature continued rising and peaked at 109 degrees on my way back home! The water coming out of my bottles was pretty toasty. Near the end of the ride I was guessing the H20 had gotten close to 90 degrees, or something along those lines. Well, I was a little off.....

Yup, that's right after getting into the house. I was floored!

Other than not-so-cool water, it was a very successful exploratoration ride with a great mixture of quiet, paved back roads and fast, fun, and rough gravel roads! Looking forward to playing on the MTB in Alsea next weekend...should be good!

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