After two weekends of no racing, the itch to rally the MTB was really becoming quite strong and the Alsea Falls XC/OBRA State Championship race was just the event to scratch it well! Alsea Falls is about a three-hour drive from the Dryve HQ, so after a long Friday of work, I made the decision to pull a super early morning drive over the Cascades for this fun race! Dropping down into the Willamette Valley is always so beautiful on sunny days and this day was no different!
After such a good race at Mammoth, I was really looking forward to seeing how much fitness I had retained, especially being a real climbing course with 4K+ feet of climbing! Thankfully I had held onto a good bit of form, especially on the endurance side. After a pretty solid start, I was able to sustain my pace which began to really pay off on the second time up the long climb, catching and dropping a couple more riders to move up the ranks. I actually wished the race had another lap, because at the top of the long climb there was an even longer descent, packed with just about every type of riding you can do - rough unfinished and rooty; fully-built berm and rollers; tight weavy switchbacks - it was just awesome!!
I was super stoked to put together another podium-earning race; this time taking a 3rd Place finish in the CAT 1/Expert Open Field! Gotta say it, I think these Dryve wheels are doing pretty well for me, two races, two podiums! Now, let's see how my U35 wheels will help out this Fall for cross!!

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